CORA - The New Standard in IT Field Support

The intelligent IT Automat supports our Mission to strive for better Service.

The official product launch

In December 2017 CORA was officially presented for the first time to a selected audience. The teaser shows the highlights of the 15-minute product presentation. CEO Frédéric Monard and responsible Project Managers give an impressive demonstration of the different phases of CORA's development. The presentation ends with the big highlight!

The Service Desk takes care of the execution of hardware processes: This is the step into the direction of innovation for professional IT Organisations. It increases the availability of services, reduces field support operations and creates a positive customer EXPERIENCE.

  • Automation of time-consuming Processes

  • Reduction of Field Support Services by up to 50%

  • New Customer Channel dedicated to User Experience

With the help of CORA you can improve the user experience and at the same time realise efficiency gains. The intelligent IT automat is available for your users 24/7, personalises the notebooks by means of high-speed data transfer and also provides small components such as network cables, computer mice and key boards.

For you personally

Has CORA awakened your interest? I am pleased to present her to you personally. 

The Challenge in IT Field Support

The pressure on the classic IT field support is gradually increasing. The reason for this is especially that a large part of user requests can be handled via a remote service desk and that therefore the remaining teams on-site are too small to manage user inquiries fast and efficiently. In particular in an environment where a small team has to take care of multiple locations. If users shall still receive speedy and straightforward support, either field support needs to be reinforced or an essential adaption of the service model is required.

Successful IT Field Support with CORA

Take advantage of digitalisation and automation also for your IT field support. With CORA you can improve user experience and at the same time realise efficiency gains. The intelligent IT automat is at your users' disposition 24/7 and relieves your IT field support team. 

Your Benefit

  • Efficiency Gain

    CORA handles up to 60 % of your IT field support actions.

  • 24/7

    CORA is at your IT users' disposition around the clock.

  • Business Impact Reduction

    Minimising of your employees' downtimes by 70 %.

  • IT Image

    Increase of the perception of your IT as innovator.

Use Case

Do you know this situation? It is 5.30 pm, you are in a hurry to finish preparation of an important presentation which is due the next morning. At this important moment, your notebook lets you down. IT field supporters are not available anymore. Also the service desk is not able to help you via remote access. A replacement device is needed. What now?

CORA sketch

With the help of CORA it is easy to face this challenge:

  • Your service desk specialist immediately starts personalising a replacement device which is already waiting in CORA

  • Within less than 15 minutes a CORA code is sent to your smart phone, which you enter at the touch panel. The corresponding compartment directly opens and you take out your replacement device. You can put the faulty device into the same compartment and close the door.

  • Brilliant, everything is installed as it should be. I can immediately and with fully charged battery continue working at my presentation.

With CORA it is as simple as that!

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