Customer Care Day Vienna 2018 - Profit from digital innovations already today.

Every year, the PIDAS Customer Care Day offers experts a platform to exchange information on the latest developments in the field of customer service. This year, PIDAS followed the spirit of the times and presented the event under the motto «Courage.Dynamism.Innovation».

Customer Care Day Wien Frédéric Monard

PIDAS was pleased to be the host for numerous customer service specialists on Thursday, 27 September. Around 80 decision-makers and experts accepted the invitation to the Customer Care Day 2018 at the Euro Plaza in Vienna. CEO Frédéric Monard welcomed the participants and wished them an exciting and informative afternoon, in keeping with the spirit of the digital Age.

The program left nothing to be desired and made it visibly difficult for interested participants to decide between the individual presentations. Alexander Stoik, Consulting Leader PIDAS Austria, commented: «It's hard to believe, but true - with every Customer Care Day the topics and expert contributions become more diverse and interesting, you don't want to miss a single contribution!» In accordance with the motto «Courage.Dynamism.Innovation» there were presentations from 3 «streams», which covered the areas of business, technology and training in the new digital age: in the Business Stream contributions to the practical implementation of the new digital possibilities in business everyday life were made, while the Technology Stream contained the latest technological achievements in the area of software. The Training Stream provided a live introduction to the PIDAS training program and the communication skills that will be required in customer service in the future.

The three streams at a glance: Business, Technology and Training

PIDAS CEO Frédéric Monard opened the afternoon by setting the success factors of courage, dynamism and innovation in relation to the demands placed on companies by the new digital age. The experts then started with their contributions to the three streams.

The Business Stream was opened by Ulrike Huemer, CIO of the City of Vienna, with her lecture on the digital transformation of Vienna into the «digital City» of the future, which met with considerable interest from the audience.

Alexander Stoik followed, who impressively demonstrated why it is perfectly natural to introduce new fan KPIs in the age of customer economics and Customer Experience Management (CEM) and how these new KPIs can be used to increase your fan rate and turn customers into fans.

After the coffee break, Markus Fandler, Head of Operational IT at PORR, continued the stream with his presentation on «Digitisation meets Construction», which provided exciting insights into PORR's new digitisation projects as part of the Roadmap 2020 and showed how new technologies are also having a direct positive impact on customer service in the construction industry.

PIDAS Customer Care Day Ulrike Huemer Stadt Wien

In the second stream, everything revolved around the new technologies on which the digital innovations are based: Marcel Leonhard, Technical Consultant & RPA Specialist at PIDAS, opened the session with many practical examples of how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of customer service organizations.

Urs Mäder, Head of Social Media & Customer Intelligence at Sympany, followed in second place: he presented the hybrid chat solution used by the insurance company on the basis of its newly created customer care platform and described how this improved the customer experience and sales success. His presentation on this extremely topical issue was particularly popular.

After the break, DI Helmut Leopold, Head of Center of Digital Safety & Security at AIT, spoke on cyber security and unknown threats to IT and showed interested listeners how important and indispensable the security of digital infrastructures is in the new Age.

Frédéric Monard and Jörn Skerswetat, Senior Solution Architect at PIDAS, concluded the first two streams of presentations on Business and Technology and talked about the highlights of the brand-new Chatbot-Study 2018, which - like last year's Benchmark-Study on the Digital Age - was a joint project of PIDAS and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). A wrap-up in the plenum rounded off the intensive afternoon.

PIDAS Customer Care Day Wien Trainings Strausak

In the third, practical stream on the subject of training, Marcel-Michael Prager, Head of Competence Center Excellence, PIDAS, explained which new requirements people have to meet in order to survive in the digital future and showed in an interactive live training how the secret weapon of authenticity and social competence can also be used in the future to create satisfied employees and enthusiastic customers.

The LENA Software inspired the Experts

It was noticeable that the newly developed and successfully used software LENA, which was also a topic in the Technology Stream, was very well received by the experts and met with great interest. This is hardly surprising, as LENA has enormous potential for use in customer service. It is adaptive and can fully automate many customer service processes. LENA makes it possible to create different workflows with just a few clicks in order to analyze text-based customer concerns. LENA is also a chatbot engine! Both in the guided and in the free text dialog, the software inspires customers. This was particularly evident in Urs Mäder's Chatbot-Use-Case.

PIDAS Customer Care Day Wien

The Chatbot Hype and the latest Study on the Subject

The chatbot study by PIDAS and ZHAW, which Frédéric Monard and Jörg Skerswetat presented at the end, fits exactly into today's contemporary spirit. Chatbots and virtual assistants in general are on everyone's lips, indeed a real chatbot hype has emerged, with which many companies don't want to fall by the wayside. Urs Mäder from Sympany presented us today with an example of an extremely successful chatbot project in which the LENA software was also used and helped to boost the efficiency of the tool.

However, it is still not entirely clear how the new digital communication channels will be accepted by today's users. As part of the 2018 Chatbot-Study, PIDAS therefore asked 900 users how they feel about interacting with chatbots and how they rate them. The differences in the different age categories and different sexes were also taken into account. In addition to the survey, an experiment was conducted to determine which factors had a positive or negative influence on the perception and acceptance of chatbots. You can download the informative results or the entire study free of charge as a PDF file from the PIDAS Website.

PIDAS Customer Care Day Wien Ausklang

Beautiful Conclusion of a lively Afternoon

After the lectures and the official conclusion of the presentation part, the participants took the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and speakers over a fine drop of wine and to make new contacts. Also the culinary part was not neglected: many different Asian small delicacies - spicy, but also sweet - provided for the physical well-being. Frédéric Monard was delighted: «Our Customer Care Day inspires me more every year - it is extremely exciting what we can learn from the experts and the use cases presented and later incorporate into the further development of our own products! Simply great!»

The PIDAS team is already looking forward to presenting the latest customer care news at the next Customer Care Day in Vienna in 2019.

If you couldn't be there, you can find the best pictures of the event in the Facebook photo gallery (LINK).