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With trueAct your Customer Service achieves more speed and your customers become fans!

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Solutions for your Customer Service

All in one place
Multichannel Management

A special challenge is the processing of customer inquiries. Nowadays, they arrive via various channels and often do either not end up at the right place or even get lost completely. With trueAct all customer inquiries, independent of the communication channel, can be captured centrally and processed intelligently without media disruptions. Standard inquiries are even directly answered by trueAct itself.

Multichannel Management

  • Automated Processes
    Service Management

    Manual handling and forwarding to the responsible person cost time and money. This not only annoys employees but also customers. With the help of trueAct complex processes can be automated to make your life easier. Thus, all customer inquiries can be processed efficiently and in best quality.

    Service Management


No matter if on-premise installation or out of the Cloud – trueAct can flexibly be implemented within the desired infrastructure and with a suitable price model.

  • trueAct On-Premise


    trueAct can be installed on your server after the one-time purchase of the software license and is then at your disposition for an unlimited period. 

  • trueAct als Mietmodell

    Leasing Model

    The compromise between Purchase and Software-as-a-Service Model: if required trueAct an also be installed on your server and be used within the scope of a Leasing Model.

  • trueAct als Software-as-a-Service


    Should one prefer to do without expensive infrastructures, trueAct is also available as Saas solution out of the Cloud with a correspondingly flexible license model.

Make your Customers your Fans!


Overview of the full power of trueAct.

  • Multichannel User Experience

    Take care of all customers on all channels, easily and without any media disruptions. What a delight!

  • Web Self-Service

    Open 24/7 on 365 days! A wow-effect for customers and a big relief for service agents.

  • Intelligent Automation

    Quickly, precisely and efficiently categorise and reply to customer requests. Simply brilliant!

  • Leading Edge BI & Reporting

    trueAct creates transparency in customer service and makes constant improvement possible.

  • Knowledge Management

    Do not reinvent the wheel every time! Fast access to relevant knowledge guarantees a high first contact resolution rate.

  • Lean ITSM

    Common sense, customer focus and only the best of ITIL! This is exactly what «Lean ITSM» stands for.

  • Web-based Design System

    Access to the «Backend» anytime and everywhere - easy adjustment, use and integration of trueAct.

  • User-friendly GUI

    Modern user interface, simple to handle by only a couple of «clicks». Your team members will love trueAct!

What our Fans say

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    « We went for trueAct because we wanted to ensure a high-quality and efficient customer service across all channels. Easy installation and daily work with this software inspire us! »


    José Cortes
    Head of IT Service Management

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    « Our service platform supports numerous customer mandates such as IKEA, Manor, Media Markt, BP a.o. Thanks to trueAct our specialists are relieved of routine tasks and are able to concentrate on more complex service issues. »


    Mirko Klages
    Head of Projects, Processes & Services

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    « Thanks to trueAct, our self-service area can answer inquiries about general topics immediately around the clock. Our potential customers, customers and employees can equally benefit from this service. »


    Michaela Wyss
    Head of Customer Service

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