Business Intelligence in Customer Service

Business Intelligence (BI) allows Organisations to centralise their data. In this way, they can be analysed faster and more efficiently. Decision-makers are in a position to take economically relevant decisions better because important company data is available in complete and analysed form and can be used more intelligently.

Company Data at a Glance through Business Intelligence

Dr. Robert MolidorWith the help of Business Intelligence software CEOs and other decision makers can analyse all relevant information fast and easily, directly at their workstation or via internet. And that without running the risk of changing any original data. Business Intelligence software is essential for the survival of any successful Organisation.

Business Intelligence for Analysing internal and external Factors

  • By means of a BI-System many internal as well as external factors can be analysed that could potentially have an influence on the organisation. The prerequisite is that relevant data for analysis is available. The basis of a Business Intelligence system is the option to periodically aggregate data from different data sources (data bases) and transfer them into a database for analyses (data warehouse).

    This is not only about presenting the data after aggregation from data sources:

    • Data can be demarcated in the form of «drill-downs» to be able to present results in a comprehensible format later on.
    • Drill-downs can be used to develop potential solutions for problems.
    • To call attention to potential problem areas, data for certain values can be highlighted in colour.
    • Increases in complaints reaching the Service Organisation can for example be marked in red.

BI for Optimising your Service Performance

trueAct Business Intelligence

With trueAct BI incoming data of service organisations can be used in an operative and at the same time strategic management tool. The unique software allows conclusions about customer satisfaction and identifies potentials for optimisation. Thus, it is a vital instrument for the implementation of Service Excellence.