Customer Care Concept

With the Customer Care Concept companies develop into high-performing Service Organisations and thus enable themselves to build up long-lasting and profitable customer relations in the social customer economy. trueAct successfully manages the technical implementation.

The Customer Care Concept stands the practical Test

The Customer Care Concept (CCC) which has been developed by PIDAS and has already been successfully tested in the market for years, is the state-of-the-art framework for setting up customer-focused, effective and efficient Service Organisations.  That the Customer Care Concept delivers a strong benefit in practical use is shown by the impressive customer voices: 

  • «On the basis of the Customer Care Concept we managed to transform the entire service organisation into a respected creator of added value.»

    Christina Ghitti, Head of Customer Contactcenter, Weltbild (CAt-Award Winner 2012)

  • «Our company-wide service initiative is based on the Customer Care Concept. While increasing the quality of our service, we at the same time managed to reduce costs significantly.»

    Alfred Leu, CEO, Generali Insurances Austria

  • «The Customer Care Concept is a solid foundation to develop a company into a high-performing service organisation for establishing long-lasting and profitable customer relations.»

    Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Reineke, FHNW, Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Institute for Management

  • «The Customer Care Concept was the basis for our quality offensive and paved the way to a highly efficient service organisation.»

    Francesco Canzano, Head of Customer Service, EKZ (CAt-Award Winner 2011)

Gain today's Customers with the Customer Care Concept

Nowadays customers are more demanding, critical, ready to change and better informed than ever before. They not only want to buy and consume, they also want to be involved in the creation of products and services. The fast spread of social media provided them with numerous platforms where they could publish their experiences in dealing with companies quickly and easily. It goes without saying that customers in the current area - we call it the Social Customer Economy - have much more power and are absolutely capable of using it for their own purpose and interest.

Profitable Customer Relations with the Customer Care Concept

The latest version of the Customer Care Concept shows how customer orientation can be implemented in Organisations. The goal is to strengthen the company’s capacity for interaction and dialogue and to maximise customer value by means of rendering excellent services. The biggest advantage in this context represent the experiences customers can collect in daily interaction with their customers. In the Customer Care Concept this advantage is called Single Point of Information (SPOI). Consequently, the SPOI provides the most important raw material for setting up learning and profitable customer relations and thus represents a competitive advantage which cannot be copied and allows the organisation to render more individual and better service to customers.

The right technology platform with trueAct