Customer Experience Management

«Loyal customers are far more than the capital of any company – they are the guarantor for its continued existence.», says Prof. Dr. Pius Baschera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hilti-Group. With trueAct you ensure that thanks to the use of this intelligent software your company also has the technical tools to continuously create excellent customer experiences. And that across all touch points!

Customer Experience Management leads to a Differentiation in the Market

Michaela HirtIn former times, it was sufficient for an organisation to set their focus exclusively on products. Today, they are facing constantly growing customer expectations in their market environment.  Thanks to the internet, customers are informed in detail at which prices competitors offer the same or a similar product. Via rating portals or social media any faux pas is made public and hundreds of people are influenced in their buying behaviour. Good «product characteristics» have not been sufficient as a unique argument for buying for a long time already. The central question must be: how does a company manage to differentiate itself in the market sustainably?

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