Email Management Software

Efficient response to emails in customer service is an important factor in handling customer inquiries. Hereby customer-friendly response times should be achieved constantly.

Challenges in Email Management

Julian Jobstreibizer –  A fast and satisfactory response stands for high service quality. Misdirected or even lost emails make the work of the service organisation more difficult. Here, the Email Management software trueAct offers a customer-friendly and efficient solution.  With the growing number of customer inquiries by Email also challenges in Email Management increase:

The Leading Email Management Software trueAct by PIDAS

With trueAct efficient Email management can be integrated into the Service Organisation which is able to solve the well-known challenges within this communication channel:

    • Based on text analyses trueAct recognises the customer, his language, his request and where appropriate, also negative emotions.
    • Based on the rules and according to the text analysis result, the system forwards the inquiry to the right competence team.
    • All emails are handled on the basis of a standardised and monitored Service Process.
    • Every employee responsible for replying to emails has the overview of his open emails at any point in time.
    • trueAct proposes suitable response options to him, which correspond to company directives.
    • Service agents see at one glance for which inquiries the prescribed response time is about to expire.
    • trueAct is capable to send an automatic receipt to the customer or, in the case of standard requests, even an automatic response.
    • trueAct supports multilingualism in text analysis as well as in responses.

Automatic and Self-learning Recognition of Language, Content and Emotions

In the trueAct software the highly performant PIDAS method for the analysis of free text emails is used. It is based on the recognition of specific pattern concepts which are indicative of language, desired service or of emotions. By means of about 20 to 30 email examples per category and language, text analysis can be set up as automated process to the extent that 80% of incoming emails can be categorised correctly straightaway. Emails which subsequently are not or incorrectly categorised can serve as new examples for automatic improvement of the system. New Email categories can also be established anytime. Thereby it is ensured that also existing categories will still be well recognised.