Knowledge Management

The trueAct Software Suite supports the automatic build-up and use of knowledge in connection with customer service. Processing of customer requests can consequently happen faster and in consistent high quality. For an excellent «Customer Experience».

Knowledge Management means Bringing Knowledge to the Customer!

Dr. Robert Molidor – The goal when implementing the Customer Care Concept is to get the knowledge of the Service Organisation to customers as far as possible. This knowledge management leads to a faster solution of customer requests. Additionally it also provides relief of highly qualified employees of the Organisation. Knowledge about preferences and needs of people is mainly generated in the course of direct dialogue, for example during an order, a complaint or a suggestion for a new service. Therefore it is essential to capture all customer interactions across all contact channels to guarantee successful knowledge management.

Automatic Knowledge Management in Service Organisations with trueAct

The Organisation defines a certain number of customer inquiries (reference requests) which have resulted in a category and re-usable solution. These reference requests are uploaded into trueAct knowledge management. The software automatically identifies set patterns for each category and stores them in the knowledge database together with the respective solution. Patterns are consequently tested by means of the reference requests. The hit ratio generally lies over 80%. By means of manual adjustment of patterns, the hit ratio can be increased further.