Multichannel Management

Your customers communicate with you on all channels. trueAct analyses and categorises data from email, chat, social media, letter or fax and ensures that your customer inquiries are processed reliably, efficiently and in best quality.

Your Challenges with Multichannel Management

The processing of customer inquiries is the core task in Multichannel Management. They often arrive via various channels and do either not end up in the right place or even get lost completely. Automation potential in this area often remains unused.

The Solution for your Multichannel Management – this is how trueAct helps you

The trueAct Software captures every request as a ticket. On the basis of language, content and emotions inquiries are categorised and forwarded to the responsible employee. Thanks to automatically proposed solutions and text modules, a suitable response is quickly put together and communicated to the customer via the desired channel.  The Multichannel Management system trueAct even answers standard inquiries independently.

  • Intelligent analysis

    trueAct recognises language, content and emotions of all inquiries. Thus, requests are categorised appropriately and assigned to the right person.

  • Automatic solution

    The software automatically offers the agent the most suitable solutions for answering recurring questions.

  • Control of all channels

    Customer inquiries can be processed clearly, centrally and without media disruptions across all electronic communication channels.

  • Docking – everywhere

    trueAct can optionally be integrated into existing software landscapes and can be used with several third party solutions.

  • The software is self-learning

    By means of intelligent algorithms trueAct learns independently case by case and, with time, generates a growing benefit for your customer service.

Case Study: Successful Multichannel Management at Mobility

Simply Mobile

Mobility car sharing Switzerland provides its 127’300 customers with some 2’900 vehicles in nine different vehicle categories at 1’460 stations throughout Switzerland round-the-clock. The main customer argument in favour of using the Mobility fleet is the convenient self-service, the central and non-central stations, the efficiency of the combined mobility and the option to use the vehicles round-the-clock at short notice and for short periods of time.


Benefits for Mobility

With trueAct Mobility has established a Customer Service Platform that suits the organisation: easy to handle, innovative and intelligent. And at the same time always focussing on the customer benefit!  

  • Reduced processing and response times

  • Significantly lower costs for rendering services

  • Consistent use of automation potential

  • Community approach: Customers help themselves

  • Improved transparency in the entire service process

  • Exciting customer experiences and improvement of customer loyalty

This is what Mobility says

«Thanks to trueAct, our self-service area can answer inquiries about general topics immediately around the clock. Our potential customers, customers and employees can equally benefit from this service.»

What trueAct does for your Multichannel Management

This is how your Customer Service gains more speed and your customers become fans! Discover the performance capacity of trueAct in only 80 seconds.