Natural Language Processing

By means of Natural Language Processing in Customer Service your customer requests can be processed automatically. trueAct Natural Language Processing recognises the content of customer inquiries automatically, even if wording (synonyms) and mode of expression are different.

Self-learning Service Recognition through Natural Language Processing

Dr. Hans-Peter UebersaxThe service addressed by the customer is automatically recognised with the trueAct NLP-method. By means of the trueAct NLP-method automatic assignment of customer requests is quickly implemented and thus allows for a faster reaction to the customer inquiry.

High Degree of Automation in Customer Service thanks to Natural Language Processing

The aim of trueAct NLP is not primarily a hit rate of 100%. Actual hits should only support service processes beneficially. For this reason it is generally recommended to use the trueAct NLP method for most frequently used services. In this way a degree of automation is achieved that pays off quickly.