Omnichannel Management

To succeed in exciting customers, it is essential to efficiently and quickly communicate friendliness and quality in every personal contact on all available channels.

Omnichannel Management for all Media

Dr. Hans-Peter Uebersax –  The customer nowadays communicates his service requests via various communication channels. Apart from traditional means of contact, he increasingly uses chat, web self-services or social media such as Facebook and Instagram. The choice of the channel is individual and hereby depends on current needs, means, preferences and experiences. Here efficient Omnichannel Management is required. Service Organisations additionally face the challenge to support their processes with intelligent automatisms independent of the channel. In this way, they can comply with growing customer expectations.

Intelligent Automation for individual Service

The advantages gained by the integration of electronic channels are mainly based on the automation of assignment and forwarding processes. Whoever supports work processes with trueAct omnichannel management can especially profit from the automatic identification of customers and the recognition of his inquiry:

    • Every customer-specific interaction is automatically captured and assigned to the most suitable employees in the form of service tickets.
    • Automatic capture, categorisation, assignment, solution and response are covered by the module trueAct NLP (Natural Language Processing).
    • Self-learning functions of the algorithm moreover allow for a continuous improvement of the recognition rate.
    • For the service agent processing of customer inquiries is simplified further by knowledge in the form of automatically proposed solutions, templates, text modules or entire documents.
    • The entire case-related communication and correspondence history is completely documented in trueAct within the service ticket.
    • Customer feedback is automatically assigned to the respective tickets.
    • The processing status of a ticket can be viewed any time and adherence to service levels can be monitored across channels.

Omnichannel Management with trueAct

Through an increase in efficiency and continuous control and optimisation of service quality companies are able to differentiate themselves in the market sustainably. On the basis of a history of all processed inquiries across channels, trueAct omnichannel management helps to generate suitable reports. They provide valuable information regarding customer journey and customer satisfaction. They are an essential basis to make customers your fans!