Service Management

Your customers expect you to deliver fast and efficient Service Management. With trueAct customer inquiries are personalised and at the same time handled competently and to the customers’ utter satisfaction – regardless of the communication channel.

Your Challenges in Service Management

In many Service Organisations customer inquiries come in via various channels. Due to media disruptions they are often not captured centrally. Lack of a panoramic view makes intelligent processing of customer requests and successful Service Management difficult. Manual processing and forwarding to the right person additionally cost time and money. A burden for both customer and service employee equally.

Successful Service Management with trueAct

trueAct software captures every request as a ticket. This is categorised on the basis of language, content and emotions and forwarded to the responsible employee. Thanks to automatically proposed solutions and text modules, a suitable response is quickly put together. It is then communicated to the customer via the desired channel. Additionally, trueAct is also able to respond to standard inquiries by itself within the Service Management framework!

  • Capture of all customer inquiries

    All customer requests are captured as service tickets within the Service Management solution and assigned to the right person. Electronic interactions as well as notifications of hardware and systems can be captured automatically.

  • Panoramic view and overview in real time

    The display of all ongoing and completed activities provides an immediate overview to the agent. Ticket status as well as adherence to service and operational levels can be measured and monitored in real time.

  • Simple and easy

    trueAct Ticket is a user-friendly and easy to learn web application. Due to an integrated knowledge support customer inquiries can be resolved easily and efficiently.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Categories, assignment rules, service and competence levels as well as notifications can be easily, individually and quickly configured.

  • Caller recognition

    With the help of trueAct CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) trueAct Ticket recognises your callers and automatically displays the relevant customer data to the agent.

Case Study: Successful Service Management at Accarda

The Partner for Sales Increase

Accarda is specialised on integrated customer management and leading in the area of customer cards with payment function in Switzerland. Customer card programmes with payment function have been Accarda’s core competence for 40 years. IKEA, Manor, BP, Shell and many more are among Accarda’s customers. As full-service-payment-provider Accarda also takes on the complete customer service for their customers.  


Benefits for Accarda

With trueAct Accarda is able to ensure a strong Customer Service in a complex environment. A good example for intelligent automation!

  • Complete support of service processes for all channels received in writing

  • Consistent use of automation potential

  • Case-related archiving

  • Service Management supporting multiple clients including the customer into the service process

  • Stronger position as full-service-payment provider through optimised efficiency and excellent service

  • Positive customer experiences for more than 4.5 Mio end users

This is what Accarda says

«Our service platform supports numerous customer mandates such as IKEA, Manor, Media Markt, BP a.o. Thanks to trueAct our specialists are relieved of routine tasks and are able to concentrate on more complex service issues.»

Mirko Klages

Head of Projects, Processes & Services

Accarda Logo

What trueAct does for your Service Management

With trueAct your Customer Service gains more speed and your customers become your fans! Get to know the performance capacity of trueAct in only 80 seconds.