The Chatbot study is available!

Together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, PIDAS publishes a brand-new study on chatbots. Read what customers think of the new digital helpers and how the chatbots should be designed and implemented to reach the audience!


Until recently, it was unthinkable for most people to interact with a robot. But the development and spreading of chatbots has been rapid, and today it is almost impossible to ignore them. Many companies are actually using digital helpers, and 70% of respondents have already interacted with a chatbot or could imagine doing so, while in the 2017 Benchmark-Study on Customer Service in the digital Age, only 40% were potentially open to interaction with a robot. The 2018 Chatbot-Study was designed to examine more closely how users actually perceive and accept the new digital channel. Do the digital helpers pass the practical test or are they just a temporary hype?

Together with the Institute für Marketing Management of the Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), PIDAS  in the summer of 2018 interviewed around 900 representative test persons from Switzerland about their previous experiences with chatbots. «This study provides completely new insights into how customers perceive this new digital communication channel, as it is one of the first comprehensive studies on the subject in German-speaking Europe. Companies can benefit greatly from this knowledge when developing their own chatbots,» says Frédéric Monard, CEO of the PIDAS Group. 

The respondents were not only interviewed, but also took part in an experiment in which different chatbot dialogues were played to them, which they then commented on by answering specific questions. In this way, many new and revealing insights were gained on the usefulness of chatbots on the one hand and on how chatbots should be structured in terms of structure and tonality on the other.

Are you interested in the study results? These are available for download in an appealing, graphic implementation at as of now.

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